A Resolution in 52 Parts

Well, 2014. A new year. That means it’s time for a resolution. I’m going to just spit it out first and elaborate afterwards.

I hereby resolve to write a new program in a different language each week.

Check back here every week and you’ll see a different language on display for your viewing pleasure. Every week I’ll introduce a new language, highlight some syntactic quirks or sugar, and talk about whatever I happened to hack together. Who knows? I might actually learn something 1.

And that’s not all, folks

Want a calculator written in Lisp? A knock-knock joke dispenser in Go? ROT13 encryption in Brainfuck 2? Ask and you shall recieve. If you have a suggestion/request about what language you want to see next, I’ll keep an ear to the ground on twitter (@ch_dawson) or email (root@cdawson.net).

There is a long, boring plane ride in my immediate future, so expect the first installment to be up bright and early Monday morning.

And so it begins…

UPDATE: Week 1: Haskell is up!

  1. Or, you know, not

  2. Yes that’s a thing