Given that my GitHub homepage has become a tad cluttered with all my “projects” experimenting with new web frameworks and the like, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase some of the projects I am more proud of here.

  • SonnetWriter: A Java program that generates new Shakespearian sonnets based on a probabilistic model of the originals. For more information, check out my write-up or the source code.
  • CircleOfLife: A Java implementation of a genetic algorithm. Dig into the write-up if you’re in the mood for some actual computer science (GASP).
  • The Polyglot Challenge: 52 weeks, 52 programming languages. The language write-ups can be found all over my blog, but if you’re pressed for time I’d recommend reading my post on Prolog
  • Blocktrace: A ruby command line tool for tracing the flow of funds through the Bitcoin network.
  • Flint: A python engine for dynamic Markdown (more information here)
  • LetterFrequencyDecryptor: My very first program that went past a couple of lines (so please forgive the code smell that I’m sure abounds). This is a Java program for decrypting any suitably sized mono-alphabetic substitution cipher using letter frequency patterns that can also build its model of letter frequencies dynamically from plain text.
  • Nunchuck Turret: What do you get if you combine a Wii Nunchuck, an Arduino, and a servo-controlled rubber-band turret?
  • Letters: A simple, original Ruby on Rails webapp using responsive SCSS web design.